About Uncog

Uncog is a boutique technology consulting firm run by Kareem Mayan. He helps C-level executives use software to grow revenue.

How are you different?

You’re working with someone who’s been building and growing software businesses for almost two decades.

You work with someone who can frame a technology decision in terms of its impact on the business, but also drop all the way down “the stack” to (if necessary) do the implementation work.

Because this isn’t my first rodeo, you benefit from years of pattern matching and a desire to teach you how to make good decisions about building software to grow your business.

I don’t outsource work. I may work with trusted professionals who, like me, have over a decade of experience building software and growing software companies.

What kinds of companies does Uncog work with?

I work with businesses that are or are coming online. They are typically grossing more than $250k per year or have raised a similar amount.

What’s your background?

I started my career as a software developer, moved to product management, and then graduated to starting, running, and selling three software companies. I’ve been helping C-level executives in a consulting capacity since 2008.

I’ve consulting for clients like Predictable Revenue and Headphones.com, worked with brands like ESPN and FOXSports, and moderated CEO mastermind groups.

You can read more about how we might work together , or get in touch here.