Building CertiStay's MVP to audit the safety and security of short-term rental properties

Sandra Murley was CTO of CertiStay, a third-party safety and security certification service for short-term rental properties. She needed to build an MVP to bring her business to life.

Sandra was looking for someone to help her build a web app and tablet app so her team could run safety and security inspections on short-term rental properties. She was introduced to Kareem and his colleague by a mutual friend.

Sandra was a little hesitant about using an iterative development model as she was used to hammering out all the details before writing code. But she came around to trying the iterative model and enjoyed the benefits of being able to decide on the MVP’s direction as she gathered more information about the market.

Over the course of the project, Kareem acted as a product manager and full-stack developer for CertiStay. He:

  • built a product roadmap
  • set up a basic software development process to get features from idea to production, and to track and triage bugs
  • helped Sandra prioritize features based on customer and business needs
  • clarified out requirements and wireframed features
  • helped Sandra make trade-offs to invest appropriately in building key features
  • set up the database
  • built a web-based admin tool and API for the project’s tablet app
  • wrote thousands of lines of front-end and back-end code
  • set up a deployment process and production environment
  • worked with the

Sandra was effusive about working together:

You are business focused, pragmatic, a self starter and quick study, and you have entrepreneurial spirit. You have a can-do, flexible, positive attitude, you are very professional and committed to your work, and you address issues effectively without creating conflict.

And when the engagement wrapped up Sandra was thrilled with the outcome:

“You turned our vision for a Proof Of Concept audit tool into a reality. Thank you so much; it was a real pleasure to work with you and I hope we can do it again in the future!”

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