Building your app

You’re building a software application. It promises to grow your revenue or save time by automating an internal process.

You may have a vendor or team lined up to build it, or you may be looking for someone to build it. You want to make sure it goes smoothly and you get the software that justifies your investment.

But you’re not technical. And you know it’s difficult to successfully deliver a project when it’s not in your sweet spot.

How I can help

When we work together, you’ll get a good understanding of what a pragmatic software development process looks like. I’ll work with your team to make sure you have one in place. You’ll also ramp up your ability to pattern-match to make good decisions about investing in technology.

In short: I’ll help you make sure your product gets built by making pragmatic investments in software development processes.

When we work together, you’ll:

  • Understand the business trade-offs between the technology choices you need to make to get your app out the door
  • Get solid requirements to your development team so that you get the product your business needs
  • Feel more comfortable with a technical approach that is sane, scalable, and supports your business requirements

On occasion clients will ask me to build their app. I may be able to accommodate this depending on availability.

You’ll also:

  • Have a plan to log errors, be notified when the site goes down, and have a resolution process to get it back up again
  • Have a plan for tracking and reporting on performance analytics and customer engagement analytics
  • Have help interviewing an internal team to bring the project in-house, if necessary
  • If I build it for you, you’ll have a product that’s shipped to customers or internal stakeholders. I’ll happily hire and transfer knowledge to an internal team to continue growing your app

Are we a fit?

We might be a good fit if:

  • You are not technical but are responsible for delivering a software project
  • You are investing 50k or more in building your app
  • You pay your bills promptly
  • We like each other

Past successes

  • went from napkin to $130 million with my services
  • CertiStay’s executive team used me both as a technical sounding board and to build their product while going from napkin to launch
  • I helped Predictable Revenue’s CEO think through his product strategy, and identified and improved its internal product and engineering processes to ship better product, faster

Questions? Think I may be able help? Let’s have a no-obligation conversation →