Merchants work with us to set up Shopify, convert more visitors into customers, and implement 3PL and other backend systems.

Want to grow your store's revenue?

Store Setup

Not sure about which Shopify plan makes sense? Overwhelmed by the variety of apps out there, and not sure how to make them work together? We can help.

Conversion optimization

We'll make sure your site conforms to best practices, design and test variations of your product and cart pages to drive more revenue, and test and optimize your checkout page (Shopify Plus only).

Streamline Back Office

Need to integrate Shopify with an ERP system, Inventory Management tool, or 3PL? We can help streamline processes like fulfillment, inventory management, and sales forecasting.

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Soup to Nuts Store Setup

Are you overwhelmed by the process of choosing and implementing a theme, entering product data, uploading photos, figuring out what apps to use (and configuring them), and figuring out how to integrate Shopify with tools like your CRM, email marketing tool, or fulfillment system?

Our white-glove onboarding service will help figure out your business requirements. We'll then rely on our extensive knowledge of the Shopify ecosystem to offer you the best bang-for-your-buck solutions. Finally, we'll set up and configure your Shopify store so you're ready to sell.

Conversion Optimization

Want more of your visitors to spend more money on your site? We'll run your site through our 20-item best practices checklist to improve your conversion.

We can also build and run experiments on your site to identify data-driven ways to increase your revenue.

On Shopify Plus? We can redesign your checkout page so more people complete their purchases instead of leave your site.

Backend system integration

Want to streamline your fulfillment, inventory management, or other backend processes? We'll help automate and improve your backend processes with tight integrations (and custom software development, if necessary.) Let's take people out of the equation so you have fewer backend process errors and so your team can focus on higher-value actions.

What Clients Say

"I wasn't sure about all the options involved in setting up Shopify. Uncog helped me figure out what I needed and decide on the solutions, and got my site up and running quickly. In the 7 years since then, they've been an indispensable partner in helping us grow our revenue and making our operations run smoothly. I can't recommend them enough." - Daniela Belmondo, Founder, Belmondo Skincare

About us

A boutique agency with 7 years of experience on Shopify.

Kareem Mayan, Principal

Kareem is the principal at Uncog. He's been building online businesses since 2001 for brands like ESPN, FOXSports, and MySpace.

What makes us different?

When you work with me, you work with an owner. You'll never deal with a project manager or junior employee: just an owner, like you, who's relentlessly focused on helping you growing.

Work with
an owner

I can quickly understand your business goals, identify a strategy to accomplish them,
and execute a plan to get you there.


Most agencies focus on what looks good. I care about that, too, but I know that what (deep down) you want to grow your revenue. Every decision I make is made based on helping you grow your business.

Focused on Growth

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And if it is broken, we're going to find
the lightest weight solution to fix the problem.


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