Pragmatic technology strategy for non-technical executives

Are you a non-technical executive who knows your business inside out?

Want to de-risk your technology investments? Or need some trusted execution from someone who, like you, sees technology as a tool to increase revenue?

I can help.

C-suite executives hire me to help with two problems:

  1. You are investing in a web or mobile app. You want help making good decisions to de-risk the technology and product development process to get a product that meets your business' needs. Learn more →
  2. You want to grow revenue for an existing business, and don't currently use email as a marketing channel. Learn more →

Previous Clients

Charitable Impact Hired by CEO
Advised CEO on building v1 to take his offline business online. Built prototype, hired and led product and dev team to go from napkin to $130M.

Predictable Revenue Hired by CEO
Advised CEO on product strategy, and engineering and product management process improvements. Implemented process changes to deliver higher quality product faster. Mentored junior Product Manager.

Common Wealth Retirement Hired by Founding Partners
Advised partners on mitigating risk as they built their first software product and transitioned from a financial services firm to a software company. Helped firm build product development capacities and interviewed initial developer hires.

DocSpring Hired by CEO
Helped CEO ramp up product management process and tooling to reliably build and deliver better software.

CertiStay Hired by CEO & CTO
Scoped CEO's big-picture vision down to a buildable v1. Worked with CTO to build v1. Set up technical systems like logging, analytics, and error reporting to ensure product quality. Hired by CEO
Did cohort analysis to determine key differences between engaged and unengaged customer segments. Recommended steps to improve engagement. Hired by CEO
Introduced new email marketing channel for CEO. Wrote and implemented automated email campaigns. 49x ROI in three months.

Rock Bottom Bottles Hired by CEO
Replatformed from WooCommerce to Shopify to scale sales and fulfillment processes. Introduced new email marketing channel. Wrote and implemented automated email campaigns. 18x ROI.

Port of Mokha Hired by COO
Introduced new email marketing channel. Wrote and implemented automated email campaigns. 3x ROI and increased subscriber count 22%.

Slumber Party Hostel Hired by CEO
Set up Google Analytics. Performed site review to increase checkout conversion. Wrote and implemented drip email sequences and set up Facebook retargeting to increase direct booking revenue.

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